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Mega Meter Sales Kit
Mega Meter Sales Kit
Customers have no doubt about the benefits of window film as you expertly present your product line with this technologically enhanced sales kit. The Mega Meter Sales Kit is perfect for table-top demonstrations at tradeshows, as well as live presentations at a job site, complete with 7 effective demonstration items: Glass-Chek PRO (ST0747M), Dual UV and Solar Transmission Meter (ST0745M), Infrared Heat Lamp (ST0750), UV Lamp (ST0750UV), Glass and IG Sample Set (0750M), Non-Contact Thermometer with Laser Pointer (ST0752) and Non-Contact Thermometer with Laser Pointer (ST0752). The soft shell bag's foam center has removable inserts, allowing you to customize your kit with additional, favorite products!
Product #ST0766
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