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Squeegees, Blades & Accessories
With approximately 100 items to choose from, we have a squeegee for every glass curve, angle and size!

Channel Squeegees & Replacement Blades
Channel Squeegees & Replacement Blades - Unger's stainless steel channel squeegees are strong, light and come with a variety of options. The soft black rubber blade makes cleaning glass a breeze, while the rigid blue power max blade provides the needed pressure to extract trapped water during film installation.
Tube Squeegees & Replacement Blades
Tube Squeegees & Replacement Blades - One of our six tube squeegee sizes is sure to suit your needs, or customize your own using the 28" tube squeegee. You can even choose from a variety of blades, from soft black rubber to tough turbo blues, whites and yellows.
Standard Squeegees & Replacement Blades
Standard Squeegees & Replacement Blades - You can't go wrong with our standard squeegees with many blade cuts, durometers and sizes to choose from. We are sure to cover all aspects of your installation needs.
Card Squeegees
Card Squeegees - Little details make a big difference, so make sure you get your hands on a few of our card squeegees. They are ideal for getting fingers out of film, shaping film during heat shrinking and chucking at dazed coworkers.
Miscellaneous Squeegees
Miscellaneous Squeegees - These four squeegees offer unique shapes to fulfill the diverse needs of installers - fitting those hard-to-reach places that other tools are unable to do.
Squeegee Accessories
Squeegee Accessories - Our squeegee accessories are must-haves, making your installations neater and more efficient. Take a close look and add one or more to your order!

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* Color variations in squeegees may occur.