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Knife Replacement Blades
We have a variety of blade types and sizes, including the rust-resistant, stainless steel snap-off blades you need for cutting on wet film. Make sure you always have some on hand and buy in bulk!
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OLFA 18mm Ultra Sharp Snap-Off Black Blade - 50pk
18mm Snap-Off Blade - 50/pk
NT Snap Off Blades - Stainless Steel - 50 blades
9mm Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blades - 50/pk
9mm Snap-Off Blades - 50/pk
Replacement Blades - Stnl Stl - 6in - Double Edge - 25 Pk- Generic
OLFA 18mm Ultra Sharp Snap-Off Black Blade - 10pk
OLFA Snap Off Graphics Blade - 10pk
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