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Knives, Blades & Accessories.
Choose from our unbeatable selection of industrial-preferred heavy-duty, snap-off, auto lock and stainless steel knives - special safety features, replacement blads and cutting accessories available too! Scrapers & Replacement Blades.
Our variety of scrapers and blades can take care of any size window - from French panes to endless storefronts Squeegees, Blades & Accessories.
With approximately 100 items to choose from, we have a squeegee for every glass curve, angle and size! Trim Guides & Rulers.
Ensure yourself perfect cuts, no matter the window shape or hardware, you'll find  a guide to simplify every challenge.
Sprayers & Parts.
Choose from our complete selection of quality pressure and trigger sprayers, as well as handy replacement parts to keep in stock for on the spot repairs.
Build your credibility while visualizing the benefits of window film to your customers - meters are a great way to finalize any sale!
Merchandising & Miscellaneous.
The merchandising support you need to showcase your product offerings, drive-in more traffic and professionally represent yourself.
Film Handler & Parts.
Everything you need for minimizing waste and improving efficiencies - from the complete Film Handler to all its components.
Tool Aprons.
Keep necessary tools and accessories on hand with our durable tool aprons and heavy-duty belts. Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies.
Whether you're cleaning the windows before an installation or tidying up after, ensure yourself that necessary sparkle with our wide assortment of sponges, towels, ammonia based and alcohol based cleaners.
Installation Tools & Supplies.
The extras that help you get the job done - gasket tools, heat guns and ladders, to shoe booties and everything in between.

Filmhandler is your cyber source for top quality, affordable tools and accessories for before, during and after any type of window film installation.

We are currently working on a redesign of Filmhandler and are only able to take phone orders during our maintenance window.

For product lists, please use the link below to download the most recent catalog. You'll need this infromation when placing your order.

To place your order, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-336-3971.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued business!

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