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Knives, Blades & Accessories
Choose from our unbeatable selection of industry-preferred heavy-duty, snap-off, auto lock and stainless steel knives - special safety features, replacement blades and cutting accessories available too!

OLFA Knives
OLFA Knives - Our wide variety of top-quality knives meet the needs of any tinter. Choose from our unbeatable selection of heavy-duty and auto lock system OLFAs.
NT Knives
NT Knives - Make sure your knife suits your style and needs, choose from NT's unbeatable selection of heavy-duty and auto lock knives.
Knife Replacement Blades
Knife Replacement Blades - We have a variety of blade types and sizes, including the rust-resistant, stainless steel snap-off blades you need for cutting on wet film. Make sure you always have some on hand and buy in bulk!
Knife & Blade Accessories
Knife & Blade Accessories - Expand your installation capabilities, as well as your tool belt! Our knife and blade accessories complete your cutting needs.

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